C++ and an automatic box

C++ and automatic transmission. Intrigued?

How are these things curso power bi? Nothing in general (well, almost nothing). So why such a title?

I wonder how I'll twist and summarize my reasoning about C++ to an automatic transmission? Then read on.

But first, let's try to answer the question:

Why learn C++?

Well, actually there are many reasons. At least because it is a "legendary" programming language which only lazy people aren't talking about.

But there are more pragmatic reasons. One of them is that C++ is at the core of so many programming languages, such as:






And C++ is also used to write programs for microcontrollers and the "brainwashing" of modern automobiles (this is closer to automatic transmissions, but not yet what I meant originally - follow the thought))).

What does it all mean?

It means that once you've struggled a bit and learned C++, you can easily switch to other languages which are based on C++ syntax.

Well, it's about the same as if you learn to drive a car with a manual gearbox, then changing to an automatic you can almost immediately drive.

But if you do the opposite, that is, if you learned to drive a car with an automatic, then in order to normally drive a car with a manual, you will have to almost re-learn.