The best programming language

What is the best programming language? The answer is simple - the one you know best. Because there are no bad programming languages - there are bad programmers.

However, beginners still have a choice - where to start? Generally speaking it's better to start with simple languages. This way it's easier to enter the profession. On the other hand, why learn a language that you will never use?

Anyway, in any case, it's up to you to decide. In this article I'll try to give a short overview of the most popular programming languages and let you decide which one will be the best for you...


Very popular programming language today. And Python programmers are very in demand. The language is fairly simple. But it can be used to create very complex programs. And make no mistake - a simple language does not mean easy to learn. To become a professional you have to put a lot of effort.

Python is used today in many fields from application software to web development. So if you want to be a programmer, take it as a starting point because at the beginning, it will be easy and you'll get it. Then, when it gets tricky, you'll get the hang of it and be confident in overcoming it.

1C programmers are still leaders in demand in USA. 1C is a whole universe, which is not even worth trying to tell in two words. But, believe me, 1C professionals will always be needed and will always earn obscenely big money. Because today almost no business in USA can do without using 1C.


Good old C++ is not going anywhere. C/C++ programmers are still in demand. Although they went to the "dark side of power" and now mostly write system software, drivers, programs for microcontrollers, etc. However, this language is still in demand. If you are a programming fanatic, this language is exactly what you need.


JavaScript has evolved from a simple scripting language to a powerful programming language that can create complex programs. It's mainly used by web developers. But it can also be useful to system administrators and other IT professionals.

JavaScript programmers are still in demand today, despite the rise of Python. First of all, because a lot of web services are already running on JavaScript, and no one is going to remake them in another language. And secondly, because JavaScript is still evolving, and not inferior to Python.


About 10 years ago, this was probably the most popular web language. Today it has lost some of its position under the onslaught of Python and the increased power of JavaScript. However, in many ways RNR remains unsurpassed. Therefore, RNR programmers also continue to be in demand.


Java is not JavaScript. Although the languages are similar, and not just in name, they are very different languages for different purposes. Java is also used to create computer programs, but lately it is mostly used for mobile applications. So if you want to learn how to write programs for your smartphone, this is your language.


At one time this language made a lot of noise and was very popular. Today it's retreating a bit under the onslaught of younger languages. But since the rise of C#, a huge number of programs have been created. And all these programs must be somehow developed and maintained. That is why C# programmers are still in demand today.