How to become a programmer from scratch

This section will be supplemented with articles and video materials which will help you to understand how to become a programmer from scratch on your own by reading and studying them. All the articles are written by me personally - a practicing programmer with many years of experience. Note that it is my personal experience that will be valuable for you, because I was self-taught from the very beginning, and I learned everything by trial and error.

Then, of course, I also graduated from university. In other words, I also learned a lot about theory. But that was later, when I was already working as a programmer. That is, I managed to get a job without having even a specialized or even higher education in programming.

This was because...

However, I will talk about all of this in separate articles. For now, take a look at the structure of this section:

Where to begin

In this subsection there will be articles for the most inexperienced programmers, for those who are only thinking of becoming programmers. Here I will tell you where to start to learn programming and what mistakes to avoid.


In this section I will tell you what, where and how to study to become a professional programmer.

Programming languages

Articles about the programming languages, their features, advantages and disadvantages, comparison of programming languages.

Development tools

Here I will describe the different development tools. These will be both the tools I use myself and special software - text editors, compilers and various useful tools used by programmers. Including the old, hardly used anymore, because it is necessary to know the history of your profession.

Programming Technologies

Here we will talk about the programming technologies. What this is, where, how and what it's used for, etc.


Here, I will talk about simple and most commonly used in practice algorithms. Examples will also be given, of course.

Tricks and Tricks

Here you will find various tricks and tricks used by professional programmers in their work and helping them to solve various tasks. In general, this section can also be called "Experience Sharing".


So that life is not just a study of boring materials, I will sometimes dilute the story of programming with various stories, both real and not so real...


Here will be available for download various documents, source codes, programs and other such things.

The main task of this section is to help beginners to become a programmer from scratch. And the main focus will be on self-education. Because I understand that not everyone is sure to become a programmer. Someone is still in indecision trying to decide - whether he needs it at all, or it is better to try yourself in another specialty.

So I decided to do everything possible so that a complete beginner, having read these articles and studied the video materials:

Decide if he/she wants to be a programmer

And, if he/she does, he/she will choose a right direction and begin to study programming efficiently and consistently

So subscribe to the site's updates and wait for the news. Articles and videos will appear regularly. And you can explore the ones that you already have right now. I advise you to begin from the very beginning. But before that read my book "How to Become a Programmer", which will allow you to learn the basics of programming and even write your first few programs.

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