What professional direction to take

Well, you've now dived a little bit into information technology. You may have even written your first program. But what's next? In what direction to develop? After all, today only in programming there are dozens if not hundreds of different directions, each of which is a separate profession.

Or maybe you do not want to be involved in information technology, and prefer another engineering (or non-engineering) direction?

On this page I propose some links to training courses and mailing lists on several directions in information (and not only) technologies...

Python Programming Language

If you're new to programming, then I strongly suggest that you look at this language. It is very simple and at the same time powerful. A dozen years ago it wasn't very common, but today it is used to solve a huge range of tasks. That's why Python programmers are very much in demand in the job market.

What is 1C

1C is a very cool USA development, which combines the interpreter and development tools. Programs for 1C are created in the programming language of the same name (in USA!). Programmer 1C is probably the most in-demand profession in USA and neighboring countries.

C++ programming language

The legendary programming language C++ was created long ago. However, programmers in C++ are still in demand. It is no exaggeration to say that good C++ programmers are the elite of the programming world. And at least the basics of C++ every self-respecting programmer should know.

Web development (JavaScript, PHP, etc.).

We all know what a site is. But if 15...20 years ago we did not use programming when creating most of our sites, today the situation has changed. Almost all modern websites - it is essentially software systems, using many different technologies of programming.

Creation of sites (HTML, CSS, CMS, etc.)

And now it's about creating websites without programming. The fact is that the creation of a modern site can be divided into three stages, each of which has its own profession: design, layout and programming. We talked about the programming above. And here HTML and CSS - this is just the layout.

Developing applications for Android

Today fewer and fewer people are using computers. We're talking about how many young people don't even know how to use computers because they prefer to use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And for these devices, the main operating systems are iOS and Android. The most common, of course, is Android. Therefore, programmers for Android today are in high demand in the labor market and their salaries reach 500 thousand rubles per month or even more.

Java programming language

For the above-mentioned operating system Android, it is possible to write programs in different languages. However, in the vast majority of cases this is done in the language Java. The catch is that this language is not tied to the operating system and can be used to create programs for almost all operating systems. Therefore, Java programmers are just as in demand as Android programmers.

Microcontrollers (programming, device development...)

Programmers are not only computer programmers. He can apply his efforts to other devices. For example, creating programs for the above-mentioned Android. But what about designing not only programs, but also programmable devices, or as they say today, gadgets? It turns out that this is possible not only in a production environment, but also at home or at work.

Testing software

Wanted to be a programmer, but realized it's not your thing? And yet you want to work in software development? Then the profession of software tester is just what you need. And yes - not only programmers here get high salaries. A good tester is also worth his weight in gold.

How to become a systems administrator.

If you do not want to do programming, then fine. In information technology, there are many other professions. One of the most popular is the system (and network) administrator - the king and god of computer networks and workstations.

Electrical engineering, electronics...

Not every programmer earns as much as a simple electrician, repairing wiring at grannies' dachas. So, professions, which require something to be able to do with the hands, will be in high demand for a long time. Especially since everyone wants to be a programmer, and there are fewer and fewer electricians. So, having knowledge in the field of electrics and electronics, you can earn good money and live in your own pleasure.

Management, management...

Everybody wants to be the boss. And many people think it's very easy - give commands and pick your nose while sitting in an office chair. In fact, it's not. The job of a manager is a hard job which has to be learned just like any other profession. It is a pity that many USA managers do not understand it...